Stadtwald II

KW 47/14

Stadtwald II
Stadtwald II

Der Deuß-Tempel am Stadwaldweiher.

Mehr zu Wilhelm Deuß, dem Stifter des Stadtwalds:

Mehr zum Stadtwald:


2 Gedanken zu “KW 47/14

    1. Hi Alexandra, thanks for your comment! Yes, this is the first year and yes, I’ll continue through the next years. I recently had a look at the map to see where I published pictures from – there are plenty of places I haven’t covered yet.
      With regards to the city, I think Krefeld is pretty much average. Average destruction in WWII, average population, unemployment, income distribution, etc. But this makes it even more a challenge – finding something that may be of interest to others despite being ordinary to me. And the results are sometimes surprising. Is Krefeld nice? I’d say it depends on your expectation 😉

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