Relevant Websites

This is an incomplete collection of photography related websites with a certain relevance. It is of course incomplete and will always be, as I frequently discover new and interesting sites while others die („die“ as in going down, not being maintained anymore, etc. – „die“ as in „Internet“). Accordingly, I’ll update this page — infrequently.

However, the sites listed show photographs only. There are none of these websites dealing with hardware, software, etc. listed here. If you’re into learning how to take pictures or how to apply cool effects, I recommend to attend a workshop at a local photographer. Or search the Internet. Or buy a book. Whatever.

Sites worth the visit

Romania is being represented by Andrei Weingold with his blog mm35street and the site Perpetuum mobile by Andrei and Iulia Weingold. Both show an impressive collection of, mostly monochrome, photographs with Perpetuum mobile being special in that it is a project blog originally with „Public Transport“ as its motto. Despite the project ended with a public exhibition in 2012, it is supposed to be continued (as posted in summer 2014).

From the UK is Peter Knight and his blog Photographs By Peter Knight, showing mostly street and people from the UK, India and some other countries of this world. His photographs are each able to tell a story and thus give a valuable opportunity to learn. Another photographer from the UK — Scotland, to be more precise — is Stephen Cosh. His blog Stephen Cosh Street Photography features mostly street photographs, many of them in black and white.

France. Being perfectly well represented by Eloi Brunelle and his blog of the same name. Eloi presents a large variety of themes — People, Street Scenes and Nature as well as Fashion are represented there. His often snapshot-like compositions have their own style of which one can learn a lot.

Edward Echwalu from Uganda presents not only amazing photographs in his blog Echwalu Photography but also tells the stories that are attached to them. A more traditional blog with beautiful photographs — but since it’s Africa, they’re stunning photographs!

From the USA my collection includes, amongst others, Bob Mielke (from Oregon) and his blog Northwest Photographer filled with loads of gorgeous animal photographs. Also, his profile page at National Geographics is well worth seeing!

From northern Germany is Herbert (at least, this is what I assume) with his blog Variety Of Light. Solely cinematic photographs, as if they were just shown in the cinema, ranging from Street and Urban Landscape to Detail/Abstract. All of them worth seeing.

Bernard Van Velsen is from Belgium and has quite some exciting photographs on display, ranging frim Street to Wildlife and Landscape. Belgium has way more to offer, including some photographers, but more on this later.

My Top Favourites

And then, there are my personal top favourites. Photographers, whose work I admire for the one or another reason:

Jeremy Nix from the USA is, next to Josh White (see next paragraph), one of the greatest storytellers among the photographers. Through his blog Perception he’s not only telling stories from everyday life by the use of a single photograph and a bunch of words, but reveals quite a bit of his own personality, his struggles, his thoughts. His photographs are often fascinating at first glance and always strikingly meaningful.

Josh White from Seoul, South Korea displays not only amazing and expressive photographs on his site JTInSeoul, he also tells his own story with just a little bit of text and his photographs. To me, he is not just an extraordinary photographer but also an outstanding storyteller. Something very special!

I count Jimmy Dovholt from Sweden and his site STHLM Street to my special favourites, because his works are capable of being fascinating even without any context. Especially his coulour photographs captivate through their distinctive expressiveness.

Luc Dewaele from Belgium and his blog Luc Dewaele, Dagboek fascinate me through his photographs of which I do not always recognise their context. For example, his series „Flemish Towns to Avoid“ captivates me with its sterility and sometimes near painful objectivity.

John Smith from Scotland and his blog Life, Photography & Other Mistakes are presenting photographs from Scotland und his travels throughout the world. He developed his very own look that gives his photographs a pleasant, sometimes enchanting charm.

Matt Weber from New York City is an outstanding representative of his craft. Have a look here: New York Street Photographs by Matt Weber. Fascinating and instructive at he same time. A must. Also in New York City Adam Isler is taking photographs and shows them off on his blog obBLOGato. Stunning photographs of  everyday life in the city that never sleeps. Also a must. No excuse.

In And Around Dublin is a rather traditional fotoblog, showing beautiful photographs accompanied by (sometimes scathing) humorous lyrics in short and shortest stories of the monotony of life. At first glance, many of these stories can make one laugh, but reflecting on some of them reveals a more serious aspect.


Urban Picnic Street Photography (UPSP) must not be missing in this list, of course. To whom they are not known yet: UPSP is an open group of photographers on flickr, who regularly publish one of their best photographs. Anybody — who meets their quality criteria — can participate. And these are quite demanding. Here is their blog at

Steve McCurry is, maybe, more of a photojournalist than a photographer — in any case he tells stories through his impressive photographs while taking only a few words, mostly background information, to arrange the photographs into a common context. Here you can find him on Instagram and here is his homepage.

Last edited on 11.1.2015

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